Becoming a Member

Thank you for your interest in the CVT! We are always looking for qualified and energetic people to add to our membership.

If you have an interest in model railroading and are willing to contribute to our effort WE WANT YOU!

Your enthusiasm for model railroading is your most important asset. You don't have to know how to build scenery, plant a forrest or operate our railroad to join us. We will be happy to show you how you can join in our fun.

To make sure you will fit in with our model railroad we need to get to know you. For this reason we have prospective members attend six meetings, one of which must be a business meeting, and show us what your interests are and what you can do. You don't have to try everything but you are strongly encouraged to do so. As a prospective member we will welcome you to participate in any and all activities.

After you have attend your six meetings the membership will vote on your acceptance into our club.

Below is some general information about us and our railroad:
  • Our meetings are held every Tuesday:
    • During the rebuilding process we will meet every Tuesday at our new layout site.
    • The last Tuesday is the business meeting. Business meetings start at 6:30. Check the calendar for location of the business meeting.
    • Consult the calendar to see the current meeting schedule.
  • Any other day can be a work day. It all depends on availability of workers.
  • We use the Digitrax DCC system to power our railroad. Some non-Digitrax auxiliary equipment (NCE block detectors for instance) is used where appropriate.
  • There are several throttle panels throughout the railroad including infrared and simplex radio support. There are several club-owned throttles available. Some members have throttles of their own.
  • Our railroad is not your simple circle-burning loop:
    • Our railroad consists of a complex set of main line, yards and industries. Each end of the railroad is a reversing loop. We also have a turntable and a wye for turning locomotives.
    • Switches are both manual and powered by Tortoise machines. The powered ones have physical switches nearby with the manual ones operated with hand throws. Most main line switches are powered. Most yard and industry switches are manual.
    • Our signal system WORKS! If you are approaching a stop signal there is a good reason for it.
    • On In Era operating nights we operate with a switch list, timetable and the fast clocks to get a feel for real railroad operation.
    • On open operating nights most anything goes. The equipment you use MUST meet certain minimum standards though.
  • Construction projects of various types are always happening around our model railroad. There is still much to do before we're "done". We encourage everyone, especially prospective members, to get involved.
  • Members can come down to work or operate any time.
  • Materials for construction are usually provided by the club and paid for with dues.
  • Members have provided quite a bit of our rolling stock. At this time there is no general need for additional rolling stock. About one sixth of the active rolling stock is owned by the club with the remainder owned by individual members. Locomotives are mostly owned by members but there are a few owned by the club.
  • Our website contains a wealth of information. In the members only pages are online copies of our Bylaws, standards documents, minutes and various reference documents. Registered rolling stock and locomotive listings are also available.
This should answer most of your questions but if it doesn't do not be afraid to ask someone. You can also send an email with your questions to: